Six Reason Why I Thought Trump Would Win

The following are points I shared with friends throughout the campaign. I’m putting them all together now as I didn’t have a blog before. I know its easy to share why you thought something was going to happen after it happens but keep a few things in mind. First, I didn’t have a blog until just a few weeks ago. Second, I took a break from Facebook for six months. Turns out that I happened to be right this time, but that’s not a big deal. No one knows the future, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to predict it anyway. This is just to share the reasons that lead me to a peace of mind about it. As I told many in conversations, I wasn’t even worried about it. Except for three occasions. I’ll share those at the end of the article.

1. Historical Precedence

Historically, it is very unlikely that one party hold the presidency for more than two terms. It does happen, but the odds were against it. So before anyone announced that they were running, I posted on Facebook that the Democrats didn’t have a chance. Of course that was an exaggeration. They did have a chance; just a slim one.

My vote didn’t count because Texas overwhelmingly voted for Ted Cruz in the primary election

2. Trump’s Intelligence.

I know many people like to think Trump is stupid, but all the evidence points to the contrary. Ambition, knowledge, and intelligence are the three important qualities needed for great success. Trump has them all. People like to discount his success because he had a wealthy father who lent him money. Trump’s million dollar loan was nothing compared to what he accomplished with it. If you took a one thousand dollar loan and turned it into ten million dollar net worth in your life time, you will have accomplished what Trump has only he did it on a scale one thousand times greater. Skeptics like to point to his “bankruptcies.” Of the hundreds of business endeavors he embarked on, he threw three of them into bankruptcy. They were casinos so I’m glad they went down. I’m not a fan of gambling. wp-1480344038727.png

What’s astounding is that he had a net worth of negative eight or nine billion and turned it around without filing personal bankruptcy. If you owed nine million dollars and in a little more than a decade, worked your way to a net positive nine billion dollars without filing personal bankruptcy, you will have done what Trump did, only he did it on a scale literally one thousand times greater. Underestimate him at your own risk. A risk of being wrong again.

3. Trump beat fifteen competitors while securing the nomination with the most votes in wp-1480344489173.pngrepublican primary history.

If this doesn’t point to a win, I don’t know what does. I have a friend who would play down his nomination win by saying he got nothing more than a minority support of one third or so. I have to disagree given the aforementioned circumstances.

4. It’s a God thing

With the whole world seemingly against him while he wins despite their efforts, it’s almost like the hand of God. Now I know he isn’t a godly man, and that God hasn’t given me any personal revelations, but I did tell people, it felt like a God thing, and that gave me peace and comfort.

5. His Rallies were HUGE!

During the primary, I studied Trump. I watched everything; flattering or unflattering. I wanted to know the guy I thought was going to win. I also wanted to be objective and know what we would be getting with Trump. So, as part of my homework, I watched just about every rally; dozens of Trump rallies. In the beginning they were not that large, but they grew enormously. The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary had a record crowd of eight thousand. They failed to mention that that number was about how many people could not get into a Trump rally. The reason? The largest places he could get only held twenty-five thousand.

6. Facebook Followers

Trump had almost twice the Facebook followers that Hillary had. A friend of mine scoffed at this having any relevance at all. It just so happens that it did in the primary. It was just another small clue that supported my hunch.

Some of these reasons are very small in relevance. I wouldn’t rely on any one of them except perhaps number four. Yet together they had me pretty well convinced. My confidence did waver, however, on three separate occasions. I did panic when Ben Carson started to get even with Trump in the polls. This was short-lived. The second time was when the tape of his private conversation was made public. I had help with my alarm from a friend who texted me, “Trump is done.” I didn’t know what he was talking about but after some research, I texted back, “I’ve heard that before.” wp-1480344031861.pngFinally, earlier on election day, I was quite worried. That is until the CNN guy commented that this was going to be a “nail biter.” It was then that I was able to start relaxing again. Also, my brother Sam was so upbeat and confident that he lifted my spirit. I ended the night at about 1:00 am way before the final call. He was leading in five States and only needed just about any two.

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