Our Phantom Couch Set

Jenny and I sat on our front porch on one of my days off. The mailman came and Jenny collected the mail. We saw an ad from Bell Furniture that had a couch set on sale for Labor Day. It was a price we liked and the kind of set we wanted. Labor Day had passed, so I called to see if they still had it in stock. The person over the phone said they did. I told her that we would be there in about an hour to take a closer look at it.20160804_144603_dual.jpg

We drove the fifty minute drive to San Antonio. We met one of the sales people and found out right away that they did not in fact have what we intended to buy in stock. He offered to substitute it for a couch set that was priced a little higher while offering it to us for the same price as the set we wanted.  It wasn’t exactly what we wanted but it seemed like a good deal. We decided to take the offer. We were getting a higher priced set for the price we came for.  We finished the paperwork and were told it would take two weeks to deliver. I had expected it to be only a few days. In stock, to me, means you have it. If you have to order it from somewhere else, it’s not in stock. Right? Furthermore, if it had to be ordered, why not just order what we wanted in the first place? We didn’t worry ourselves with these small details because we were getting a brand new couch set and that was exciting.


We were to get a call a couple days before they were to come to make sure we would be there. Two weeks passed with no call. We called them. They told us it takes two to three weeks actually. Ok, we waited another week. No call came. Jenny called them. Whether it was a phone system glitch or just rude secretaries, Jenny got hung up on three times while trying to find out when they were going to come. The third time she called she started with by saying, “Please don’t hang up on me again.” Again she asked, “When will our couch set come?”

“It’ll be Friday” they said. Well Friday came and went without a phone call. Jenny called them. “It’ll be Monday” they said. Then we got a call Monday. “Your couch was damaged in Houston” they informed, “It’ll be another couple of weeks.” I had enough. On my next day off we went to Bell Furniture to get our money back. All the furniture sets were now about 50% higher in price. So after five weeks, we got our money back and decided to go with something much cheaper.


I present to you our blow up couch which was about 7% of the price the set would have cost us. It works just as well as our blow up queen size bed and best of all, it pulls out into a bed. So we can recline when we watch a show. Yes we settled for something far less that that couch set, but for now until we find what we want, we have more money and a functional, comfortable place to loung in the living room. Perhaps we could purchase an inflaitable hot tub and then an inflatable pool next. In a twist of economic irony, inflation would actually be the new money saver for us.

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