Broken English

I have to write each of my blogs from the constraints of my phone for now until I get a new computer. The WordPress app doesn’t have spell check. I try to do most of my writing on the Google docs app which does have spell check. Typos happen when one is thumb typing, but sometimes I have to get the story down with the little time I have at work left to write and not trip over every spelling. I make no excuse for grammatical errors or punctuation. If those appear, they are simple oversights that I should have caught.

Unfortunately, I don’t always catch everything before I make my final touches and schedule the post. I have to make this endeavor viable. If I get too bogged down with that one word in a thousand that might be misspelled, I’m not going to have any energy left to write anything very well. We don’t have to have this problem though. If we went through and corrected spelling to accurately reflect the purpose of letters in our alphabet, we could save writer’s years of time and energy. 

  • Sadly, no one wants to touch that with a ten foot pole… Or is it poll? Just kidding. I no wat it is. Oh, do yu see od looking words? Yes, I just swiched to riting logicaly. I no that is driving sum of yu nuts. Yu are so used to disregarding your own logic that when presented with an akurate representation of the alfabet, it looks rong. I’ve eliminated double and unpronounced leters. Some words remain familiar while others have to be modified.

Some years ago, I ate at a fast food restaurant and was reminded , in a horrific way, of the stumbling block we have laid before our children at the very beginning of their schooling. A mother quizzed her son with spelling words and became frustrated when he didn’t understand the word she was saying. 

“Shawl! Shawl! You know a shawl! Something you put around your shoulders?!” she blurted angrily after he had inquired a second time for the word he didn‘t recognize. 

I thought to myself, “Really? Why would a third grader know what a shawl is? ..and why would he need to?” I wonder if we don’t just randomly throw words in the curriculum without considering their relevance to that child in the first place. Remember when you first started reading and the teacher told you to “sound out” the words? Then turned around not long after and had to tell you, oh , no, you can’t sound out that word, those letters are silent. What do you guess the next question from the child will be? 

“If those letters are silent, why are they in the word?” 

The inevitable answer is, “That’s just the way it’s spelled.” Ya, great answer. Not. That is, unless you want to go into the history of how the word was important from another language and we were to stupid or lazy to conform it to the practical use of the alphabet.

Well imagine if you could actually hear any word and spell it correctly. Instead, we insist on wasting time, effort, and the efficient use of the human mind to compensating for this inept adaptation.

Naturally, most of this will be taken care of for me when I get a computer, but it’s too bad we still have to teach our kids not to follow reason and logic but instead threw that out the window and just toss them a list of spelling words to memorize. That is counterproductive to learning. They could be memorizing other things instead while following a comprehensive system. Imagine if when you did math 1000 was actually written 1010. Don’t worry, that second one is silent. It’s just a place holder. Or if 1000 was actually written 11000. Pay no attention to that extra one in there. It’s silent. Ya, as you can imagine, math would be all that more complicated.

Instead of breaking the system every time we import a word from another language, let’s just change the spelling of that word to fit the system. That, however, would just make too much common sense… Or is it cents or sents?


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