Our T-Party

Long before the primaries, I promised myself that if Trump became president, I would personally attend the inauguration. At the time, I was driving a truck over the road. I joked that if I had to, I would park the semi on Capitol Hill. After he won the general election, I remembered my promise. It still seemed possible, but after talking it over with my dad, I had changed my mind. It would be a lot of work and the payoff would be what? A far away glimpse of an event I could see up close from home? Now that it was all real, I could see clearly that I would enjoy it much more watching it on screen, in the comfort of a living room. I settled on an alternative. I would instead drive to Illinois and experience the historical moment with my parents and family. It soon became clear to me that there would be problems with that plan too. Our car was experiencing high RPMs that would endanger our travel in snow. That fact and the ABS light was a sign that I would only be asking for trouble if I took the trip with those problems looming. I could either take the trip or repair the car, but it was not likely that I could afford to do both. A third idea came to mind. I could throw a party at our house and invite some people from our church. That’s what we decided to do. Here are the pictures.

I watched the inauguration before anyone showed up for the party
I love that these balloons highlight our high ceiling
Jenny spent at least two hours putting up the streamers behind us here
Jenny and I (mostly Jenny) spent most of Thursday decorating

Jenny spared no thought in every detail
When we asked the Baker to add this to the cake, she didn’t seem happy about it but she did it anyway
The Sweets came much earlier than the rest of the crowd and we shared some great fellowship with them

For some reason the little ones weren’t interested in watching the inauguration

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