What I Love About You

What I love about you
Oh, the things I recall
of the things I’ve been thinking
what’s the best of them all?

I’ve been searching my mind
every bit I remember
from the time I met you
in that God blessed December

from the moment those sparks
were set off in my head
as you made conversation
and you said what you said

Perhaps when you smiled
or the way that you talked
the way that you dressed
or the way that you walked

What caught my attention
from the very first start?
from whence was that thing
that captured my heart?

To the list, I keep adding
for how can I stop?
and what could be fitting
to place at the top?

As the years grow behind us
the list just gets longer
my heart just gets bigger
our love just grows stronger

My favorite thing
when it’s all said and done
when I narrow it down
and I pick the best one

What was the foundation
of my falling in love?
After much contemplation, 
it is all the above!


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