Trump Tribute

Laugh and howl we all did
When Donald Trump put in his bid
He wouldn’t last, and we all knew
his race would end in a week or two

Then his numbers we saw rise
And I for one did realize 
There was a chance that he could be
The Republican Party Nominee

My Ted Cruz friends thought me insane 
When I jumped aboard the Donald Trump train 
But I did my research and my homework was done
Donald J Trump was just the right one

I placed my chips and made my bet
On the very extraordinary “king of debt”
After much was said and much was done
The nomination he had won

But the general election up ahead
“Would be very different” they all said
Trump needs to change, morph, and evolve
If he didn’t want to see his campaign dissolve 

But alas twas an epic fait accompli
Everyone knew it’d be Hillary
Right up until the votes came in
Everyone knew that she would win

Yet in the upset of a century the tables were turned
And the unthinkable, unimaginable results were learned
Against all odds and with that campaign slogan
Donald Trump would have a shot at Making America Great Again!


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