Quadrupling my Income in Five Years

An extraordinary thing happened to me about five years ago. After a few years of unfortunate events (which this sentence doesn’t give justice to in isn’t description), my life turned around. I met Jenny. While engaged, I was offered a job. I had been unemployed ever since I was cut from a deployment with 200 others. The job came with a modest income, but it also came with a rent free place to live. No matter how one does the math, however, my income from then on went up every year.

My services were not renewed the following school year as the enrollment hadn’t kept up with expectations. Since I was the newest member, I was the first to go. I was unemployed for a few months before I found work in a factory. It was about a 30% increase in pay. In the months preceding our move to Texas, overtime was generously offered and I took all I could get. At one point I worked forty days in a row save one.

Our move to Texas brought new opportunity. Jenny took a job teaching as before with a substantial increase in pay, and I brought in about the same. I worked construction, so when we went to the production stage, I made about what I did in overtime before. Once that job cooled down, I found myself out of work again. I wanted to make enough money that Jenny wouldn’t have to work. Trucking was the option that provided that income while also giving me a job I would enjoy. At the time, I was vigorously focused on audiobooks. This would be the perfect job for allowing that. I would also be making about 30-40% more. Over the road averaged a little more than my largest paychecks from working overtime in the factory and working production in construction. Which was about three times what I made at the school.

Jenny joined me over the road after the school year concluded and we finished out my lease. Soon after I joined, I knew that I wanted to go to the Tanker Division. We could settle down, and I could come home every night. I would also make more; about 25% more. It was a no brainer. I considered becoming a trainer over the road. This had even more income potential (making 80-100k a year), but the thought of being away from Jenny five to six weeks at a time was unthinkable. My heart wouldn’t tolerate it. So the Tanker Division was my destination. I didn’t know what my next move from there would be so I called it my five year plan. 

I now make in a week, what I used to make in a month. In fact, I make more alone than Jenny and I ever made together. I did this not only by increasing my rate of pay (which is higher than ever) but also taking a job that allows me to work more hours (than ever). I work about sixty-five hours a week. We made some sacrifices along the way, but it was worth it. 

I’ve been working this job for nine months as of this writing (May 7th 2017). I do now have a plan from here, and it only took me a few months to plot it out, but I laid that plan out in another post. (Click here) I’m not one who sees myself driving a truck for the rest of my life.

What is it that you want? How can you get there? Visualize your destination, plan a route and take steps in that direction. Yes, it took me a few years, and I do wish I had been able to do this in my twenties, but I can’t change the past. I can only affect my future. It takes ambition, knowledge, and intelligence. You can’t borrow ambition, but you can borrow intelligence and knowledge. Find ambition and the rest can follow.

Read My Five Step Plan 

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